Getting ChatZilla/XULRunner to Use Extensions

I’m using Chatzilla on XULRunner for IRC (via the instructions here. I wanted to get DOM Inspector to work though… so here’s some stuff I needed to get CZ to even understand extensions. (The DOMi-specific stuff will be in the next post.)

As I was using my own 1.8-branch XULRunner, RTFS helped. In the application ini file (cz.ini), create a new section, [XRE]. In that, set EnableExtensionManager=true. After that, make an appropriate chrome://branding/locale/ file for the brandShortName entity. Done.

This causes the extension stuff to happen, and they can just go in /extensions/ in the profile, or /extensions/ in the app dir. Just like Firefox and Tbird, yay. Now to figure out how to get it to show EM… 😀


4 Responses to “Getting ChatZilla/XULRunner to Use Extensions”

  1. mook Says:

    Hmm, brand.dtd is needed too, for stuff like the Extension Manager. Actually, the EM needs some prefs set (the get more extensions/themes URLs), but there’s nowhere for them to go yet, so… 😉 )

    Umm… Here Be Dragons?

  2. Mossop Says:

    Hows about some bizarre logic. Make an extension containing all the branding and settings that the EM needs in order to function 😉

  3. lekma Says:


    did you ever get the DOMi to work in a xulrunner app?

    i really need to have it working but can’t get to understand how it should be installed.

    i’d appreciate any help/pointer



  4. LouCypher Says:

    Other workaround is to copy the jar and manifest (rename chrome.manifest to foo.manifest) files to chrome folder in application directory and change the content of manifest file:

    content foo jar:foo.jar!/content/
    skin foo classic/1.0 jar:foo.jar!/skin/classic/
    locale foo en-US jar:foo.jar!/locale/en-US/

    Example: DOMi for Flickr Uploadr 3.0.
    Extract the zip file to program directory, i.e “\Program Files\Flickr Uploadr”

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