FindBar in Chatzilla on XULRunner

Managed to get Chatzilla on XULRunner to work (somewhat) with the find bar, instead of the find dialog box. It’s a totally hacky implementation, and it sucks. But it gets me FAYT, which is all I care about at this point. It would be much, much nicer if I can just get find box + old FAYT.

The code is here – replace /chrome/xr/overlay.xul in the CZ package from rdmsoft with it. Also available on pastebin in case doesn’t like my data: URI.

Still need a better way to hook <browser> creation, and import the findbar XUL better – as it is the colours on Mac will be wrong….

Oh, and appearently findbar / FAYT was apprearently not in Chatzilla by design. That’s fine with me – needing to know where you’re focusing and stuff would indeed make it crappy for normal end users; I’m just glad I don’t seem to be one of them.


2005-11-03 19:51 UTC+8

Yeah, setting accessibility.typeaheadfind to false makes FAYT a lot happier. Just execute this in the client view:

nsPreferences.setBoolPref(‘accessibility.typeaheadfind’, false)

Alternatively, set that pref via editing prefs.js or something. Either way, turn it off and things go happier.

In other news, I find it completely baffling that I get notified by e-mail of my own comments in my blog. You’d think the system would realize that I know about it already…


3 Responses to “FindBar in Chatzilla on XULRunner”

  1. Robert Marshall Says:

    Looks nice. Not sure which I like best yet, I might look at making it a pref.

    (And just in case anybody’s using the patch from my website, the overlay you need to replace is in irc/xul/content/xr.)

  2. mook Says:

    Actually, from actually using the findbar, I find that Silver is right – I keep on typing into it when I mean to type into the chat area, and vice versa.

    I suspect I’m missing some pref that would make it a lot less trigger happy…

  3. mook Says:

    Heh, forgot a pref again :p
    accessibility.typeaheadfind.flashBar must be 0 or it throws.

    I think I’ve got this working as an extension…. 🙂

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