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Multi-line strings in Javascript


For reference in case I lose it later. Thanks to E4X, we can now have multi-line strings similar to HEREDOC syntax (although quite a bit more verbose):

  var string = (<r><![CDATA[

     The text string goes here.  Since this is a XML CDATA section,
     stuff like <> work fine too, even if definitely invalid XML.


This syntax works fine on Greasemonkey too (trunk, 2005-10-ish, GM 0.6.3). Should be useful, especially in combination with stuff like the add CSS “pattern”…

I can’t believe how much pain it is to try to get raw text in here… This is just a bit silly. Basically had to go turn off the WYSIWYG editor cocmpletely. I guess I should try doing things in an external editor instead…


Hello world!


Nothing to see here; just playing with Flock.

Well, not really.  Got the account via Flock then posting via Firefox. Mostly because I accidentally built Flock as debug -_-


This blog will mostly be rambling, but in case anyone stumbled upon this – ask firebot on about Mook for information on me.  See, user #579.